Driveline and Baseball

For my Junior year of high school, I planned to focus on being a pitcher-only. Since my Sophomore season of JV baseball, I set goals for my physical development and strength training.
Between Spring of 2019 and Spring of 2020, I managed to add 3” of height to 6’1” and 20 lbs to 190 lbs with a focus on core and lower body weight training.
As a ramp up plan for the Spring season, I enrolled at the pitcher development program at Driveline Baseball in Kent, WA. Driveline is a world renown leader in pitching development through technology and training. This training experience opened my eyes to the possibility of combining my passion for baseball with the latest cutting edge technology. Over a period of three months, I gained several mph for my pitching velocity.
More importantly, I learned the Driveline method in training through specific strength and flexibility exercises and recovery. Driveline introduced new methods to me utilizing a weighted ball system and electro-muscular devices for recovery.
More valuable than anything else was my daily interaction with other players training at Driveline from the collegiate level, through the minor league ranks, to the major leagues and even some foreign baseball teams. The players I came across at Driveline were generous to me with their helpful tips on pitching and training. Baseball is a hard enough sport on its own. I really enjoy the competitive but also collaborative environment that baseball fosters with everyone trying to help everyone else elevate their game to ensure that baseball is played at the highest level possible.  I definitely plan to pay it forward and share the things I learned at Driveline with teammates, opponents, friends, strangers or anyone that asks because I feel this info will help make baseball a better game in the end.  I hope to take this principle of always learning and sharing to whatever career path I take up in the future.
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